Hattor Audio’s Mini Passive-Active Pre gives you the biggest bang for your investment.  The chief difference between the Mini Passive-Active Pre, and The Big Ultimate passive pre, is that The Big Ultimate uses two mono attenuators, and the Mini Passive-Active has one stereo attenuator.  Otherwise, they use the same quality components, and receive the same attention to detail. 

The unit is available as a regular passive preamp, or with a high performance OPAMP buffer.  The buffer is virtually inaudible in this application, and allows the Mini to drive very difficult loads with ease.  So, if you plan on driving multiple transistor amps (for instance), the Active version of the preamp will prevent the kind of lackluster dynamic range and poor frequency response often encountered with a passive preamp.  When equipped with the active feature, you can switch with remote between active/passive, and choose with the same remote between 3/6/9dB of gain.

– Active version switchable between active/passive, with 3/6/9dB gain selection
– 64 steps (1dB/step)
– remote control for all functions 
– separate power supply 
– 3 inputs and 2 outputs free configurable
– balanced XLR or single ended RCA version available 
– constant input impedance 
– high quality connectors
– available resistors: SMD Vishay, Takman REX or REY, AMRG Trans 

– no switching noise
– 3 years warranty
– available finish: carbon, wood or leather 
– delivered in a flight case 
– optional active op-amp buffer
– designed and hand made in Poland 


Optional OPAMP active buffer in the passive unit:
With OPA2134 – $450 
With Staccato opamp – $600

The unit is available in black, brownor silver color
Front insertion can be silver, black, gold or wood




Vishay SMD        $750 (RCA)
$850 (XLR)
Takman REX       $1200 (RCA)
$1300 (XLR)
Takman REY      $1300 (RCA)
$1400 (XLR)
AMRG Trans       $1500 (RCA)
$1700 (XLR)
Optional OPamp active stage switchable with remote. Thre gain settings selectable +3/6/9 dB
With OPA2134 - $450
With NewClassD opamp - $600

Shipping with UPS
: Europe $49, North Amer. $59, Asia $69, Africa, Australia, South Amer. - $79